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Seeking the Lost

Greetings, Bethany Family! In two days, we will gather to celebrate Homecoming Sunday. I love this service for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that it's one of the rare times that everyone comes together in ONE service. I love seeing all of the people I've been missing since we've been attending different days. There will be, of course, people who cannot make it for a variety of reasons. To all of you who fall under that category, please know that you are loved and missed.

We'll hear in the sermon this weekend that Jesus left 99 of His precious sheep to seek the 1 who was lost. This is a comforting thought (especially when you're the one who is lost) but Jesus isn't the only one who is supposed to be searching. It is our responsibility to watch out for our flock at Bethany, to care for those who are having difficulty, and to seek out the ones we haven't seen in far too long. When people are struggling in their lives and feel lost, it can be hard to find the way home; the longer they've been away, the harder it is to navigate the path back. They may need a helping hand - a reminder that we aren't complete until we are all together and that they matter to us.

So, let's take a page from Jesus' book: I encourage everyone who is able to join the celebration to look around, make note of the people you don't see, and reach out to them. A little love goes a long way, especially when you're the one who needs it.

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